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In need of information about finding help for a vehicle :(

firsttimemommy started this conversation

Im in my 9th month of pregnancy and i am due in 2 very excited but also very nervous and worried that i am not going to be able to provide my daughter with what she boyfriend and i finally got into our own place and everything was starting to fall into place until he got laid off from work, he was working for a cable company, laying fiberoptic cable, it was kind of a bullshit job, but it was an income..i haven't been able to find a job since i got pregnant and i am praying to God that i will be able to find one after the baby comes. What i am trying to get to is that i need help finding out some information on getting a vehicle.. I have to depend on my mom to take me to every single doctors appointments or whenever i need to go somewhere..i don't know if there is help out there to get a car or not, but i know when the baby comes that i am definately going to need some type of transportation for her appointments and my mom can't always take me to mine..if anyone out there knows who i could contact for help please write me back..i would greatly appreciate it!!! God Bless <3

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